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Renote is a versatile service designed for note-taking, brainstorming, collaboration, and digitized whiteboard capabilities. The primary objective was to merge whiteboard services and note-taking apps, enabling a seamless and natural digital writing experience with a stylus. Discover more at

Main screen showcasing document list layout in app

My role
& Responsibilities

As a co-founder and CPO of the project, I was responsible for the complete design of the app interface, website, web version, promotional materials, and social media posts. I engaged in user development, validating hypotheses and tasks that eventually evolved into Renote features.

Additionally, I prepared pitch decks, presentations, and Invest Memos to attract potential investors to the project. My work also involved handling product and business metrics and setting up data analytics services.

Whiteboard screen


  • Successfully developed the MVP without hiring external developers, utilizing the skills of the co-founders.

  • Reduced user acquisition cost through Apple Search Ads to $0.5 per user.

  • Achieved a 22% conversion rate to paid subscriptions.

  • Increased average user session time to 27 minutes per day.

  • Attained an average of 1.89 daily sessions per user.


Do you have a project I could help with? I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity.

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