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Snip revolutionizes the sneaker shopping experience through the power of Artificial Intelligence. The app offers a comprehensive scan of popular US and European stores to find the best deals. Key features include sneaker search by photo or image, a personalized feed of favorite models, price tracking, valid promo codes, consolidating popular stores in one app, and more. Discover at

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My role
& Responsibilities

As a co-founder and CPO of the project, I was accountable for the overall interface design of the app, website, promotional materials, and social media posts.

I conducted customer development and user research to validate hypotheses and worked on pitch decks and presentations for the project’s potential investors. Additionally, I managed product and business metrics, setting up services for data analysis from the app.

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  • Developed an MVP version of the service without outsourcing to external developers.

  • Accomplished 24,000 app installations within four months after launch.

  • Reduced the Cost Per Install (CPI) from $1.5 to $0.085 in nine months using Facebook Advertising and Apple Search Advertising.

  • Achieved a high K-factor, reflecting the app’s strong viral growth, leading to a substantial increase in organic user acquisitions.

  • Increased the average user session duration by 30% over six months, indicating improved user engagement and app usability.


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