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Stoic is an application that completely revolves around the principles and postulates of Stoicism philosophy. The service includes a publishing platform, which serves as the main feature of the app, where authors developing ideas of self-development, essentialism, the philosophy of being, etc., release their materials. In addition to this, the application has its own store where users can purchase various beneficial literature.

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My role
& Responsibilities

As the founder of the app, I handled everything from ideation to design. Being an adept believer of Stoicism’s philosophy, my aspiration was to create a dedicated space and community where everyone could find something useful and significant for themselves.

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  • Successfully developed the MVP without hiring external developers, utilizing the skills of the co-founders.

  • Reduced user acquisition cost through Apple Search Ads to $0.5 per user.

  • Achieved a 22% conversion rate to paid subscriptions.

  • Increased average user session time to 27 minutes per day.

  • Attained an average of 1.89 daily sessions per user.


Do you have a project I could help with? I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity.

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