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Fura is a navigation app designed specifically for long-haul truck drivers, focusing on routes suitable for large-scale cargo transport. In addition to providing routes, the service displays POIs essential for truck drivers including parking, rest areas, gas stations, warehouse buildings and hubs, cafés, motels, etc. Discover more at and

Main screen showcasing document list layout in app

My role
& Responsibilities

As a single designer in the company, I was responsible for designing interfaces for all project services – the mobile navigator app, ERP, promotional materials, and MVPs for hypotheses.

Regarding the app tasks, I designed its interface from scratch, performed customer development with the product owner, and validated hypotheses derived from research data and product metrics obtained from the app.

Whiteboard screen


  • Designed the app interface from MVP to a full-fledged application version.

  • Achieved 200,000+ unique monthly users (MAU).

  • Created uniform UI-Kit for both iOS and Android versions of the app.

  • Ranked among the Top-10 navigation apps in Russia’s 2019 Play Market.

  • Successfully increased app engagement, leading to a 20% rise in daily active users over six months.


Do you have a project I could help with? I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity.

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