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Fura ERP is a robust planning system for substantial businesses across various industries. It streamlines business processes, simplifies resource management, and ensures transparency in transportation stages.

By utilizing extensive data, it facilitates effective planning of transport logistics and, used with Fura App, it optimizes routes and accelerates delivery services. Discover more at and

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My role
& Responsibilities

As the sole designer in the company, I worked on the interface design for all services – the ERP system, the mobile app (a navigator for truck drivers), promotional materials, and MVPs for hypotheses.

As for ERP tasks, I designed service interfaces from scratch, conducted customer development with users (logistics personnel, managers, accountants, executives, etc.), organized R&D processes, and managed all the design communications of the project.

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  • Created a fully functional ERP system, including its basic modules, an analytics module, transportation tracking map, a service for forecast planning, and an external resource for clients to post their transportation requests.

  • Collaborated with the front-end development team to create a UI-Kit and a component storybook for company services.

  • Increased the number of ERP users from 4 to 100+ (logistics, sales managers, finance department, directors, and managers) within a year from launch.

  • Conducted several usability tests that allowed optimization, acceleration, and automation of several business processes executed in the ERP, eliminating the need for human intervention.

  • Facilitated a seamless experience for end-users and stakeholders, as evidenced by user feedback and an increased adoption rate of ERP.


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